Welcome to Digital Publishing, I’m Professor Christian…

I’m a Maryland-based graphic designer with a passion for shopping, travel, health and nutrition, and the work of NGOs. Although I’m originally from in the British Virgin Islands, my heart feels at home here on the East coast. My training in fine art, photography, textiles and sculpture has greatly influenced my graphics education. I continually keep the principles of movement, space, contrast, and composition in the forefront when working on new projects. My passions include biking, arts and culture, health and nutrition, and travel. This is reflected in the types of freelance projects I choose to work on.
When I’m not designing –or stressing out about design—I’m biking around my awesome city, taking pictures, attending a concert, talking smack, or looking very continental while dining al fresco.

About Digital Publishing

This course is an intensive introduction to graphic design concepts, techniques, and technology. These are delivered in three units; WordPress Content Management System, Adobe Indesign, and Microsoft Powerpoint. Within each unit are projects that take us through the basic concepts to greater levels of sophistication. It’s not easy, it is rewarding.

This is a Flipped Classroom

This means that we will read, watch video tutorials that illustrate the readings, and create elementary design collaterals outside of the class. And we work on our major projects in class. Got it?