PSD Mockups for FREEEE!

Mobile Weather app , by Aaron Noble
Weather app by Aaron Noble

This week we worked on creating Photoshop Mockups for my portfolios. I added this activity under the guise of having my students make presentations for the program director at the university. That was partially true. The main reason that I gave my students this activity was to help them build their portfolios. Sometimes flat, conceptual designs just don’t cut it.

In the past I’ve reviewed many job applications from novice graphic designers—many of whom were dismissed immediately because of the lack of polish in their portfolios. 2D conceptual pieces that fill a portfolio simply won’t cut it. Here’s a round up of the PSD mockups that I shared with my students. Most of these sites offer multiple free mockups for your portfolio (they’re awesome):


PIXDEN Smart Phone screens 

Pixden Mobile phone mockpus Flat Apple UI 

Versatile Flat Apple UI Mockup  Book Cover by Flyer/Poster Identity package/Stationery

stationery Mockups!!!


PIXDEN:free and paid mockups are available
Postcard | business card | Stationery, | Mobile UI | Brochures | 3D logos, etc

Pixden free mockups
Magazine spreads and Cover | Mac Screens | iPhone | Workspaces, etc!!!



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