Course Schedule

Class Sessions generally follows this format:

  • 15 Min Reading Quiz
  • Activity / Discussion
  • Unit Project / Working Session
  • For Next Week (Read, Watch, Create)
Wk. Dt. In-Class Tutorials/Readings/Projects Due Date
1 jan 27
  • No Reading Quiz
  • Activity: Intruductions
  • Intro to Syllabus
    Key Concepts
    Class Policy
  • Intro to WP, Sakai
For Next Week:

Read: ID Chap 1, 2, 3
Watch: Setup WP Blog for Course
Create: ID Cheat Sheet, WP Post

Sunday, Midnight
2 feb 3
  • READING Quiz 2: Photoshop Toolbar
  • Visual Storytelling Lecture / Photography basics
  • Intro to Photoshop Project: Narrative poster. Use photography to tell a story. Choose a topic or individual that interests you and write up
  • Class Activity I: Begin Tutorials…starting with Layers
  • PS Totorials Assignment
  • Photo Shoot of individual subject: Shoot 30 pics of a single subject (person). When shooting, consider the 5 principles of photographic design: simplicity, the rule of thirds, balance, framing, and use of lines. We will use Adobe Bridge to organize and edit these photos in class next week. Save the 30 images to a folder on your flash drive and bring to class next week.
  • Readings from textbook: Chapter 3: Adobe Bridge, and 4: Camera Raw
Feb 8, midinght
3 feb 10
  • Reading Quiz: (Download)Adobe Bridge Activity (to submit via email)
  • Lecture on Image Selection: Copyright, Fair Use, and Creative Commons
  • Activity 1: Portraits and Layer MaskWhat are the 4 Principles of Design?
  • Activity 2: Begin Graphic Narrative Collage
  • Continue work on Part 1 of Collage Assignment…See full instructions in Assignments
  • Read PS CC Visual Quick Start: Chapters 9, 10, 12
  • Read More on Creative Commons: Description of Creative Commons Licenses
  • Watch for next week:Introduction to Typography and 4 Principles of Design
Narrative Drafts Due…
4 feb 17
  • Reading Quiz 4: Copyright and PS Practice
  • Lecture: Design Principles, Typography
  • Working Session: Go to Assignments > Part 2: Narrative Graphic Collage

Need a refresher before you begin? Video: Add Images in Photoshop

  • Keep Working on draft and complete peer feedback (view the Assignment / Submission guidelines), there are 2 deadlines for your draft.
  • Watch: Video on Balance in Design
  • Read: Chapter15 on Retouching, 16 on Refocusing, and 18 on Filters
  • Optional: Practice Drawing Paths with the Pen Tool in Photoshop…we will work with this next week and some interesting effects/filters
Narrative Draft Due on Friday.

Discussion Forum: Peer feedback due on Sunday Night!

5 feb 24
  • Go to Sakai Assignments for Reading Quiz 5: Refocus with filters
  • Draft Collage In-Class Critique and WRAP UP (yay!)
  • Lecture and Demo: Introduction to Adobe IllustratorConcurrent Activities: Update Draft Collage OR AI IN-CLASS Tutorials (different from the homework files).
  • Complete Collage Design: see full Assignment in Sakai for details and deadlines
  • Download & Complete AI Tutorials and submit zipped folder via SAKAI email, by 2pm next Tuesday
  • Watch video on Visual Balance
  • Read: AI CC Visual Quick Start Chapters 1 – 4 on creating and saving AI files, Working with Color, Work Spaces, and Panels (we’ll skip Adobe Bridge)
Tutorials and Final Collage due by 2pm next Tuesday(before class)
6 mar 3
  • Reading Quiz: Chapters 1-4 (in-class handout)
  • Lecture: Identity and Branding
  • Introducing Unit Project: Logo and Identity PackageIn-Class Activity:Submit completed tutorials to March 3 Assignment in SAKAI
  • Floral Pattern (ch. 6 and 10) Download and Complete the Pen Tool Tutorial
  • Readings:Textbook Chapters 8,9,11. color, alignment, and transformBlog Article Understanding Gestalt
  • Review Unit Project: Logo and Identity Assignmentthis gives an outline of all elements of the upcoming project, and important deadlines and parameters. While the finished project is not due for a couple weeks, the first deadline is very soon:

Creative Brief Worksheet – due this week

Thumbnail Sketches – due when we next meet

Creative brief Worksheet due Friday night

10 Thumbnails/roughs will be reviewed in next class session.

7 mar 10
  • Reading Quiz 7: Instructions are in “Assignments”
  • Lecture: Introducing Color Theory
  • Mini-Activity: Clipping Mask with Text and Image Trace
  • Working Session: Using your 10 logo thumbnail sketches, develop 3 Comps and a color palette for your client

Note: Comp PDF files due by midnight tonight–via SAKAI email

  • Read: Textbook Chapters 12, 17-19 working with Type and export for different media
  • Watch: Aaron Draplin Logo Design Challenge
  • Practice: Pen Tool Activity
  • Be sure to bring comps/variations to our next class session. Tue., March 24 – We’ll complete identity package in class, and submit all files then
Logo and Identity Package due at end of class/day March 24
8 mar 17 Well-deserved Spring Break
9 mar 24
  • Reading Quiz: Chapters 12, 17, 18,19(text)
  • No Lecture!
  • Working Session: finalize logo
  • Develop Identity package/stationery set
Finish stationery and submit by FRIDAY night.

We will Review these designs Next week

10 mar 31
  • Reading Quiz: Chapter 15 Activity
  • Critique/Review: Identity \Packages
  • Intro to Advertisements for Print and web / Creative Brief
  • Read: Chapters
  • Sketch 3 ad ideas
  • Review the Baltimore Magazine Media Kit and Specs
Bring sketches to class next week
11 apr 7
  • Reading Quiz: In two Parts…Setup documents/output for web, print, mobile
  • Working Session: Layout print and mobile ads
  • Continue working on ads, submit 2 files via sakai by midnight Sunday.
  • Watch : What is Data Visualization?
  • Review the InfoGraphic Assignment, and sketch out 3 design solutions.Select your color palette
    You will complete ONE of these in next weeks class.
3 Print Ads due Midnight, Sunday.

Submit PDFof infographic sketches and color palette to sakai

12 apr 14 Quiz on Data Visualization/ AI Technique

Review of earlier lecture: What makes effective design?

Working session: Design your infographic using preliminary sketch and color palette

  • Read Chapter 4: Adobe Bridge
  • Watch Using Bridge for Portfolio setup
  • Watch: What You didn’t Learn in School
  • Bring Flash Drive eith all projects to next week
Designs to submit to sakai by midnight today!
13 apr 21
  • Intro to HTML for Designers
  • How to mount boards
Print and mount boards

Read and Watch: Create HTML Web Gallery Portfolio using Adobe Bridge

Adobe Bridge Web gallery

PSD Mockup Options for HTML Portfolio

14 apr 27
  • Lecture: Introduction to Your Portfolio
  • Q&A about Designer Portfolio/ Interviewing
  • Sign up for Portfolio Presentations
  • Working Session for revisions (extra Credit 1-2 pts)
Complete mounting boards

Review Portfolio Rubric

Create PS/Bridge Galler of images and save to Portable drive



Design Portfolio Review:

  • Boards
  • and digital assets
Have a great summer!