Quiz Question on Facebook

While I composed this week’s reading quiz, I decided to ask my students what they thought a popular graphic design phrase means to them. I also made it a status update. My smart-patootie friends on Facebook decided that they would respond to this too. Bauhaus, oh Arthur…

06. Magazine Spreads

This week we tackled magazine spreads, laying out an interview that appeared in Bon Apetit magazine. Objectives for this project–before we move on to WordPress design and development–include: Design multi-page layout using a grid system, Show effective use of typography, hiearchy, and balance, Show effective use of graphics, appropriate to audience and subject matter

05. Identity Design

This week students submitted a completely new and unique identity package–either for themselves or a made-up client: logo, biz card, letterhead, envelope, and event postcard. Since this is the largest project that we will tackle in this course (except for the final), I had much higher expectations for this project. The submission guidelines were simple–turn … More 05. Identity Design